Fun Facts Friday 10/18


It’s Friday peeps!! And I am exhausted. I’ve been working everyday since last Thursday and I work through the weekend.

Time for my fun facts woot woot.

1. Our grand opening is tomorrow! I can’t wait to make some tips!! We’ve had fundraisers yesterday and we have another tonight. I’ve had some really long days and I just want to spend some time with my fiancé. Ridiculous.

2. This: photo 3He really misses me when I’m not around. All he wants to do is cuddle.

3. I’ve been loving sweet potatoes. More than usual. Thrown some coconut oil on there with some brown sugar. Oh yeah baby. I’ve had one every day this week. Bomb.

4. As I am typing this, my cat is sitting on my lap purring up a storm. He’s so dang cute oh my goodness.

5. I can’t wait to have a day off. Is there a such thing as being mentally sore????

6. Alright. Who is a Breaking Bad fan out there? Because I just started season 1 and I can’t. stop. watching. it. It’s nuts! AND SO GOOD!

7. My sister’s wedding is now TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!!! EEEEEEK. so happy for her. and so so excited.

8. My brother, who lives in SIngapore (!!!!) is coming with his girlfriend, too.

9. Did I ever mention my sister and I visited him two years ago for 3 weeks?? I’ll do a post one day about that. It was a trip of a lifetime.

10. We’re looking for an awesome place to go for our honeymoon. Anyone have suggestions?? We want it to be an all inclusive and not break our banks. But it has to be tropical and beautiful. I’m the picky one here :)

What are your plans for the weekend????

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