Apple Pie Muffin Recipe!!


These are so good. And they are not healthified. They aren’t horrible for you. But they aren’t packed with veggies….

I teased you with a picture of one from my snack yesterday in my WIAW post

photo 2-2

However, there is an apple in them. A honeycrisp apple nonetheless.

Therefore they are OK. Plus, top them with nut butter when they are warm and BAM healthy fat. Right? photo 1-2

Just say yes. 

This recipe is adapted from this oneapplepiemuffinLet me know if you make them :)

My fiancé even loves them. Which is really saying something. I love that they taste like fresh apple pie. 

When you make the topping, it will be super sticky. Just kind of crumble it on top of the muffins with your fingers. Also, they probably won’t take the whole 20 minutes. Just check on them. You don’t want them overcooked. 

Oh and by the way, your entire house will smell like fall. You’re welcome. 

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