My Fav Ohio Teams Killin’ It

Being in Michigan makes it hard to follow my favorite Ohio teams!! It’s annoying for both my fiancé and I. He’s a BIG Brown’s fan. We both love OSU and the Indians.

This weekend our friend visited us from Friday night till Sunday afternoon. My fiancé and I had a really busy weekend, jam packed with soccer games and professional sport games.

Friday, we went to a local bar for some drinks (Blue Moon for me, 392748 rum and cokes for the guys) and pizza.  Then on Saturday my fiancé had two games to coach. I worked out and then went to his second game. It was close to a nice strip of bars and restaurants so we stopped for some food and margaritas before heading home.

We were all exhausted and napped until 7:30. Lame. Then it was time for the game! With a beer in hand (DUH) we watched The Ohio State Buckeyes kick ass.  It was a great game. Corey Brown, C.J. Barnettsource

Then on Sunday we went to breakfast at our favorite local diner. My fiancé had a game to coach of course that actually ended up getting cancelled.

I ran 6 miles woooot. It was sprinkling when I started. Which I love. It keeps me cool and I don’t sweat as much. But, it started pouring. So I turned around and sprinted home. I was planning on just jogging, averaging 8:45. I ended up averaging something much less: photo-6I was soaked when I got back. Since we don’t get the Browns game, my fiancé and our friend were listening to it on the computer. Our friend left and then we had to go to another soccer game. The Browns won, too!! AND SO DID THE INDIANS!!! It was SUCH a great Ohio Sports weekend!

And now I’m trying to figure out what I feel like cooking all week….boring. 

How was your weekend???


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