Labor Day in Ann Arbor!

Happy Monday Tuesday!! It feels like Monday….blah. My fiancé and I had a seriously awesome weekend!! Three day weekends with the love of my life are what I live for. Don’t you agree???

It started on Friday with a date at BW3. Random, yes. But he was craving wings for basically 3 weeks. Then on Saturday I got a great workout in and then we headed to his coworkers place to hang and chat and drink beer all night. And I met three of the cutest kittens EVER. We almost took one home. Almost.IMG_5569

Then on Sunday, we went to church and hung out for a bit. We both got a little bored and I thought it’d be fun to take a trip somewhere. Well, neither of us have been to Ann Arbor and it’s only an hour away!! It was beautiful. I would live in that city in a heartbeat! Also, we are both Ohio State fans, so we really wanted to see the University of Michigan’s campus. Don’t tell anyone but….I like U of M’s campus better. !!!!

We decided on a hotel, checked in and got a taxi to go to downtown Ann Arbor for the night. We walked around a little of the campus but saved the most for the next day so we could see more.  The bars there are great. We hit up four bars and it was so fun! There we’re a bunch of college students around us so mostly everyone was our age. Yeah, we drank a lot and barely ate dinner so we split a burrito bowl at 11:30 p.m. Oh, just like the good old days!! AnnArbor

The next day, we ate breakfast and drove to see the soccer stadium. He was in love. He played soccer in college and this stadium was exactly what he wished he would have played in. Of course, he wouldn’t stop talking about how he wished he went to a state school. Whatevs.

IMG_5593He and I had a great time walking around Ann Arbor and the campus! Got some Starbucks and walked for about 2 hours. uofm

We we’re both hungover and tired so it was about time to go home. The last stop was lunch!! There are SO MANY cute little cafés and restaurants in the area but we decided on the Jolly Pumpkin. So glad we did. We each got a beer since they brew their own. I got a cherry wheat and he got a pale ale. All the food sounded awesome. They had truffled fries, which I haven’t eaten since I was in SIngapore. I had to get those. I was feelin’ a sandwich and didn’t know which to get. The waiter recommended a sautéed artichoke sandwich with roasted red peppers, chickpea spread, pepperoncini, and goat feta on olive bread. I have never had a more delicious sandwich. jollypumpkinWe had so much fun and it was SO great to get away for a day with each other! We came home, napped and went golfing! I didn’t golf. He did. I just jogged between holes then got tired and watched him!

How was your Labor Day??

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