I Killed My Butt Yesterday

Seriously. I did. I’m so sore. My butt hurts so bad. I couldn’t even run today because of it! That must mean I had a good workout….right? Yes!!! Am I going to share it? YES!!

Before that, though, I must share my dinner from last night. I’m currently using the website IIFYM (If it fits your macros). It gave me the amount of each macro group I should be eating to get the results I want. Right now I am on a 1700 calorie day (before exercise) with 35% protein, 40% carbs and 25% fat. This will not work for everyone so I am not giving out any diet recommendations. This is currently working really well for me and I am starting to see definition in my stomach and legs.

ANYWAYS- I ate a lot protein early on yesterday so I didn’t need as much for dinner. Which made me think of quinoa, a grain high in protein with enough carbs to bring me to my daily goal. So I made this delicious meal:IMG_5480

It was quinoa with sautéed red onion and zucchini (from my moms garden-it was as big as my torso if you saw it on Instagram), steamed green beans (also from my moms garden), garlic, lemon and lots of avocado. It was so yummy. I put ground turkey in my fiancés. No meat dinners freak him out a little. He’s so strange.

SO. On to the workout. I warmed up with a 1 mile run in 7:30 then complete this leg workout:

Killer Butt and leg

Some explanations for the exercises:
Bulgarian Split Squat: Stand next to a bench, facing away from it. Place one leg behind you on the bench far enough away so that when you squat, your front knee doesn’t go beyond your foot. And SQUAT!! Repeat on the other side.
Unilateral Stiff Leg Deadlift: holding a dumbbell in your right hand, balance on your right leg and keep that leg straight. Bend over slowly and squeeze your booty while lowering the weight beyond the box or step. Slowly pull back up keeping your glutes and abs engaged. Repeat on the other side.
Single leg Smith Machine squat: using the Smith machine place the bar on your shoulders. Put your right leg in front of the bar about 18=24 inches away and your back leg bent below you not touching the ground. Then squat and repeat on the other side! It’s hard. Use a light weight at first.

It’s pretty hard, so I don’t recommend doing this unless you are used to workout out your legs and glutes. I ended my workout with a 2 mile run in 15:40. Great workout!!!

Do you have any awesome butt and leg workouts???


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8 thoughts on “I Killed My Butt Yesterday

  1. Last time I did a hard core leg workout, I wouldn’t run for nearly a week. I quickly learned that I cannot be doing intense leg workouts during running/triathlon season. Sounds like a burner tho!

    • bahah yes I rarely do leg strengthening when I’m training unless I feel like my IT band is acting up. But for right now I’m enjoying the definition running never did for my legs!

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